SSCAM Your Morning

Orianna Childress

School, my only priority, my only foe. And with that I still manage to screw it up.


With several alarms, chances for a paced morning go out the window. I push it until I can guarantee that tardiness is to come. Something we can all relate too.

On days when you can’t seem to get up—my everyday—a routine is necessary; a quick one.

SSCAM you’re way through this upcoming school year with this acronym. Shower, skincare, clothes, apple, makeup.

First, shower. We’re not trying to scrub away our limbs but with a quick early morning shower you can positively impact blood circulation and rejuvenate our natural oils.

Skincare is a must. We just need something to help us come back from the dead! Start of with a cleanser—any one is fine—all we need is something rid of the leftover toxins. Sunscreen can double as a sun protectant and a moisturizer; simple as that.

Next, thrown on some clothes. Make it easy and have it ready the day before.

Now, we have APPLE. It represents something small to eat, fruit is a perfect way to go.

Finally, we have makeup. It’s best to keep it for last so we don’t sweat it off as we run around. A easy go to is concealer under the eyes, a bit of highlight, and a lip-stain. A effortless look.

Now, go, go, go! Hurry! You’re going to be late!