Spring 2021 Nail Polish Colors

Spring is right around the corner which means new nail trends are too! Fashionable nails have become an aesthetic lately, with more people trying new trends. Today I’m going to share the nail polish colors that I think are going to be popular this spring!

Bright pink and periwinkle

Photo from Pinterest

Bright colors like pink have been making a comeback in nails. Periwinkle was also a popular nail color a few years ago and people have started to use it again. These are the perfect colors for spring as they represent the vibrancy of this new season!

Light and olive green 

Photo from Pinterest

Green is such a pretty and warm color. If you want colorful nails but don’t want to be too out there, green is the ideal color for springtime.

Clear and white nails

Photo from Pinterest

White is a classic nail color that is stylish and sophisticated. Add a clear coat to the mix and you will have aesthetically pleasing nails.


Photo from Pinterest

Brown is all the rage right now. Even though brown is usually associated with fall, it can be a great color to use for spring, especially if you use a mocha or light shade of brown.


Photo from Pinterest

You can never go wrong with blue nails. They’re vibrant and timeless. Any type of blue nail polish is a sure way to get a compliment or two.