Spinning My Way to Fitness

Image Source: Cate Burgan

During the summer I am taking free college courses to get ahead in school. To avoid the
early onset “freshman fifteen,” I involve myself in the free fitness classes offered on campus.
University of Tennessee at Martin advertises their weekly recreation center classes to
help their students stay in shape while also having fun. When my roommate first asked if I
wanted to go to spin class with her I was skeptical. Spinning seemed like it would not be
challenging enough for me, but I was completely wrong.

It was just like biking, but more fun and way sweatier. We spun to songs in the category
of “Living on a Prayer” and “I Will Survive.” The spinning was more intense than I had
anticipated. Every two minutes we would crank the resistance up a couple notches, and start to
feel the burn in our thighs.

There was dancing, strobe lights, and lots of singing. It seemed like a party, but all of my
muscles were being pushed to their limit. The hour went by faster than I had estimated, and I was
not ready to leave. We headed back to our dorms feeling sore in places we did not even know we
were stretching, but overall satisfied. I felt as if I could have kept exercising, but the class was

Fortunately, spin is free and offered three times a week for students staying on campus.
Fitness is something that has always been difficult for me to participate in when I would rather
be learning, reading, or hiking. However, cycling is a new way to get fit while simultaneously
having fun with friends.