Spice Up Your Fall Makeup

Shanti O’Neil

As summer ends and the leaves turn golden, our beauty regimens tend to alter too.  One alteration for the new season is changing the tones and colors of your makeup in a simple beauty routine.  Fall is represented by the warm tone colors of browns and oranges.  The Pacifica eyeshadow palette Tomboy Vibes is the perfect makeup product for implementing these warm tone colors.  The orange and green colors, named Tomboy, 1970, Pretty Vacant, Schooled, and Rebel have a buildable vibrancy perfect for natural everyday looks and bolder looks for going out.  The palette has the quality of a product from Sephora, while having the cost of a drugstore makeup product.  For a simple look, the first shimmer color (from the left) on the eyelid does its justice of being a fast and pretty everyday look.  A full in depth look could include the first color in the inner corner of the eye, the third color on the lid, the last color on the crease, and the fourth color smeared on the outer eye used as subtle eyeliner.  The second color, a vibrant green, is perfect for those who enjoy makeup art and bold looks.  So consider purchasing the Pacifica Eyeshadow Palette to spice up your makeup routine for fall.

Shanti O’Niel

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