Spellbinding Movies to Watch This SPOOKTOBER

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You’re home alone. The lights begin to flicker on and off. The lights go out. As you frantically try to flip the light switch on, a mystifying blue light suddenly appears from afar. Slowly, you take your step towards the only source of light in your pitch-black home; it seems to be signaling from the living room. As you draw closer, you feel the warmth leave your body as the crisp, drafty air settles into your skin. The light becomes brighter. A piercing white noise fills the room for a few minutes, then the deafening crackling static is gone. You’re home alone in silence. Suddenly, the windows burst wide open! An unbelievably cold gust of wind caresses your cheek and blows you down onto the couch. The television inexplicably turns itself on and blinds you for a second as your eyes adjust from the pitch-black darkness to the illuminated television screen. You’re transfixed by the gush of movie titles flashing through the screen as reflected in your stunned eyes.

Here are the spoOoOktacular animated visuals haunting your screen:

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Monster House

Would you believe a group of hysterical kids shrieking at you that the house before you is alive? You’ll find yourself at the edge of your seat as you watch DJ, Chowder, and Jenny taking the responsibility upon themselves to save their neighborhood. Their warm-pumping heart is in the right place. You’ll soon see that it is indeed home sweet home.

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What seems like a harmless tale turns out to be quite a scare. Things are not always as they seem. So, keep your eyes peeled as Coraline takes you through an unsettling passageway to a bizarre world. There is sew much more than meets the eye.

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Corpse Bride

Your spooktober watchlist isn’t complete without a Tim Burton film. Do you take the Corpse Bride as a contender for a Burtonesque movie night? I do

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Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktacular

Take a deep breath and calm yourself from spooktober, and catch the spoopy aesthetics of Scary Godmother before this season’s end! Don’t be a witch and kill the haunting festivities when the fun’s just begun; join Hannah and Scary Godmother in their next thrilling adventure: Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy.

🚨BE WARNED🚨 These SPOOKTASTIC movies are not to be watched alone. So, grab your boo and let the HAUNTOBER movie marathon begin! (But, who knows… perhaps there is already someone watching with you 👀… in spirit oOoO). 👹 Let’s get this party STARTLED! 😈