Song Review: “Just A Boy” by Alaina Castillo

When Fall comes around, I always find myself listening to slower tempoed songs to keep the calm mood present in my everyday life. One captivating single I have been playing recently was released earlier this year by the young artist, Alaina Castillo, titled, ‘just a boy’, telling the soft story of her inner thoughts surrounding her trust issues with the boy in her life. The slow tempo allows for Alaina to convey her worries and vulnerability as she acknowledges the lack of self control that boys have when presented the option to cheat, as she calls it ‘a switch in their head’. She knows she can trust him when they’re together and he is faced with no temptation, but she can’t help but lose control of her thoughts and assume the worst when he goes away.

The lyrics are very honest and sharp, but when paired with her smooth voice it makes this song a very easy listen.

This song’s simple delivery is what makes it so capturing. With just one guitar providing another layer of melody, her soft but clean vocals are supported very well. Castillo began singing in highschool and actually rose to fame via Youtube doing ASMR, but when her singing videos gained attention she decided to pursue her career in her passion of music. Her second EP was released shortly with two versions, one in English and one in Spanish. I highly recommend checking this song out for a captivating and beautiful listen!