Solo: A New Kind Of Star Wars

Image Source: Disney

Solo: A Star Wars Story provides an epic tale of adventure and fantasy akin to its predecessors, but with a less serious tone compared to that of The Last Jedi. The tale follows a young Han Solo on his quest towards becoming a great pilot in the remains of a galaxy overtaken by crime and corruption.

Donald Glover as the dashing and ever stylish Lando Calrissian delivers a fresh portrayal of the beloved character, while Alden Ehrenreich (Han Solo) perfectly captures the role of scoundrel. Additionally, Emilia Clarke as the new character Qi’ra is not one to be trifled with and is no damsel in distress as she is just as clever as she is a renegade.  

Though Solo seems to embrace  absurdity in some moments, the film still provides a classic story of adventure that promises to entertain even the most die-hard of Star Wars fans.