Small Businesses to Support on Etsy

Etsy is my favorite website to shop on when I’m looking to support small businesses. You can find just about anything that you’re looking for on there, and the orders you receive are usually much more heartfelt and unique than if you were to buy from a corporation. 

When I first started using Etsy, it took me a while to navigate the website and be able to find exactly what I was looking for from a trusted seller, so hopefully, this list of my favorite shops will make your search a little easier!

Photo from YoungNFreeSpirits

1. YoungNFreeSpirits

If you’re looking for genuine crystal necklaces, this shop is perfect to order from. The prices are affordable and the owner includes a free gifted necklace along with your purchase. 

Photo from HippieSilver

2. HippieSilver

This shop sells good quality sterling silver jewelry that is inexpensive. The designs are gorgeous and there’s an abundance of different accessories that you can choose from!

Photo from TwoAngelsCo

3. TwoAngelsCo

If you want to participate in the current Y2K trend and you’re a purse lover, then this is the shop for you. The seller makes the cutest quirky bags that will spice up any outfit!

Photo from Makeyourstatementx

4. Makeyourstatementx

Bucket hats are back in style and this seller makes special hats that are fun and trendy. Most of them are reversible too so you get a two-in-one hat!