Small Acts of Sustainability

Image via Clipart Library

We only get one planet, which means we need to do whatever we can to take care of it. Based on humanity’s history, however, we need to make some changes if we want to do that. Sustainability is a daunting subject, but not impossible. Being sustainable doesn’t always mean using a bicycle, driving a low-emission vehicle, or implementing solar panels. While more impactful change comes on a larger scale, there is still a lot we can do on a smaller and more individual level.

The most obvious is reusing containers and bags whenever possible. This goes both for containers and bags designed to be reused (check out food stashers), as well as plastic, paper, and cardboard intended for single-use. Sometimes it is unavoidable to use them, especially now that many of us are ordering takeout rather than dining in-restaurant. Often you can get away with using those paper/plastic bags and tupperwares a few more times before they give out, which eliminates the need to buy more. Plus, having containers you don’t need returned is very handy for those of us that are baking more during the quarantine so we can deliver treats to our friends.

Another thing I originally thought would be harder to adopt is reusable food can toppers/food huggers and beeswax instead of plastic wrap. Before, my household used so much plastic wrap to store cans and half-eaten avocados or cucumbers, but having reusable options is much less of a hassle than you’d expect. Generally, they keep things closed better than plastic wrap, which makes them an even more effective alternative. The beeswax is very easy to clean, too; scrub with soap and cold water.

So next time you run out of single-use plastic storage materials, consider investing in reusable products. They’re sustainable in the long run, and you can usually find some fun colors and designs!