Review: Slime Rancher

image source: Monomi Park

Full of adorable, bouncy blobs of goop, Slime Rancher is an easy-going video game for all ages. Players play as Beatrix LeBeau, an intrepid rancher making a living by wrangling various multi-colored slimes on a distant planet called the “Far, Far Range.” Armed with a vacuum pack and determination, the player can explore over five different biomes, each filled with unique slimes that can be harvested and sold for monetary gain. Other fun features include a jetpack and Slime Science: different player-craftable gadgets like teleporters, water turrets, and even a basketball hoop.

Recently, developers Monomi Park patched a new update to the game. Named “Mochi’s Megabucks Update,” the patch introduces the Nimble Valley biome, home of the new Quicksilver slime: a speedy manta ray-shaped slime that feeds off energy charges. he patch also brings new elements to the game’s underlying story through the character of fellow rancher Mochi Miles.

With over five different biomes to explore and almost twenty different slimes to meet, Slime Rancher provides a fresh family-friendly take in the first-person “shooter” genre.