Sitcoms to Binge on Chill Summer Days

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Thinking of ways to beat the heat this summer? Why not stay in and lounge on the couch with the air conditioning on full blast to cool the drips of sweat off your face? Treat yourself to some delectable ice cream or fresh, icy lemonade. Get reacquainted with the television this summer break and surf the uproarious waves of laughter while binge-watching these sitcoms!

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Chill out this summer in the comfort of your home with Friends. You’ll easily feel part of the gang with each character’s uniquely attractive personality traits. Could this show BE any more entertaining with the organized Monica, sarcastic Chandler, fashionable Rachel, passionate Ross, eccentric Phoebe, and charming Joey? Unwind at Central Perk and have a laugh with some friends who will always “be there for you.”

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The Office

The comedic styling of The Office leaves you undoubtedly hitting episode 1 again once you’ve finished watching the sitcom. This whimsical workplace is not your typical run-of-the-mill paper company with an unorthodox boss and witty team. The amusing documentary-like filming has everything to keep you engrossed in The Office— comedy, romance, drama. It makes you want to come back for more— “that’s what she said!”

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New Girl

Whatcha doin’ if you haven’t seen New Girl yet?! 

“Who’s that girl?” 

“It’s Jess!”

Have a hoot with the crew: Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Cece, Winston, and Coach. Embrace your inner child by doing crafts with Jess. Have a drink with Nick. Point to the jar for Schmidt—more often than not, you already know he’s up to some sort of douchebaggery. Spill the tea with Cece. Join Winston (aka Winnie the Bish) in his latest prank. Work out with Coach. Tune in to the show and instantly feel the loving warmth from this wacky group of six striking individuals who struck luck finding each other in apartment 4D, as chance would have it.

If you have yet to watch these sitcoms, I definitely recommend binge-watching right away! So then, by the end of summer, you’ll be closely familiar with Friends, have joined the Party Planning Committee in The Office, and bond with New Girl.