Sidecar Doughnuts- The Freshest Hype in SoCal

Image Source: Autumn Schorr

Ever wonder how long a donut has been sitting there? At Sidecar Doughnuts you can trust that each donut has been made within the past 20 minutes. Any longer, and Sidecar does not serve it.

These are not your typical simple morning pleasure. Not only is the price a lot higher, but the flavors are eccentric. From passionfruit pavlova, to Thin Mint, to huckleberry, the donuts served here aren’t your everyday batch of plain glaze.

Not only are the donuts amazing, but the flavors change every single month. On the first of each month, a new menu of flavors come out usually fitting to the season (Christmas flavors, Girl Scout season, Fall flavors, etc). Once the month changes, you can’t get any of the donuts from the previous month. The only exception is the handful of standard flavors that never change such as Maple Bacon, Butter and Salt, Sprinkles, and a couple others.  

The novelty of limited edition flavors plus extreme freshness makes Sidecar the only place I go for donuts. The rotating donut flavors have become a huge excitement in my life. Every single month either my family or a group of my friends and I embark to the location in Costa Mesa and order every single new donut. But I’m not the only one hooked. The intense hype for this eatery has resulted in an extension of locations from Santa Monica to Del Mar.

As an advocate of health, I highly recommend breaking your diet for this one.

Image Source: Autumn Schorr