Showing School Spirit

Image Source: Fun Carnival

From personal experience, school spirit was a big deal in high school. It was never something required, but many people participated in dress-up days, theme days, homecoming events, football games, etc. It was something the school’s student body used in order to create a more unified school and to get all students hyped about upcoming events, making the school routine a little more exciting. However, because many people look back at high school and cringe or hate it, I’d have to say that the school spirit there was filled with a more negative connotation than positive one. Regardless of what high school you went to, I think we can all agree that high school was filled with cliques, sometimes making it hard to feel like you belonged and could get involved in the school’s social events.

College, however, is different. Is college filled with school spirit? I think yes, but because I attend a smaller university, I forget that students still gather to celebrate events, sport teams, and more. Personally, in college I have chosen to keep to myself instead of paying attention to events and showing school spirit. However, I also think it’s easier than one might think to show it while in college. Whether it be writing for a school magazine, joining or creating clubs, or putting up event flyers around campus, there are several small ways we can all show our school a little love. Nevertheless, college is a time to find yourself and grow so if you don’t want to involve yourself in school spirit, that’s fine too. Just don’t forget to enjoy the time you have left at your university and give thanks for the experiences you’ve been able to have while attending school there.