She-Ra: Princess of Power (and Positivity)

Image Source: Den of Geek

Netflix continues its streak of successful reboots with She-Ra: Princess of Power, a modern day twist on a classic 80s filmation cartoon.

The show follows Adora, an orphan-raised soldier of the Horde whose only concerns at first are defeating the Princess Rebellion and keeping her best friend Catra out of trouble. This all changes—fast. Stumbling upon a magic sword in the middle of the forest was not a part of Adora’s plan, nor was becoming She-Ra, the Princess of Power. Suddenly, everything Adora thought she knew about the Horde and the princesses came into question. Alongside her new friends, Glimmer and Bo, as well as her new enemies, Catra and Hordak, She-Ra decides to join forces with the Princess Rebellion and save Etheria from falling to the evil grasp of the Horde.

The main difference between this reboot and the original is the characters’ appearances. While the cast from 1985 was made of almost all victims of ‘same-face syndrome’ (almost identical facial and body structures with variations only in clothes or hair), the show runners for the reboot have taken extra care to diversify the She-Ra cast. Featuring a variety of skin tones, face shapes, body types, etc., the reboot promotes body positivity by showcasing likable characters with varying physical appearances.

There has been criticism from the original show’s fans who dislike the costume and body changes made. However, the majority of viewers have applauded the revamp for its more realistic character designs: trading the provocative costumes and disproportionate body figures for more practical armor and lifelike teenage proportions. The standard, exaggerated hourglass figures have grown old and unpopular, if the show’s ratings prove anything.

She-Ra: Princess of Power is an amazing example of the steps media can take to becoming more inclusive as well as more entertaining. While the show may be catered toward kids, it remains enjoyable for fans new and old—a creative take on a classic show.