Shades for All Weather

Is there anything better than sunglasses? They’re a perfect accessory, can go with any outfit, and always make you look more put together than you feel. Plus, they can help hide a bad sunburn. 

I myself am very partial to retro-looking shades in almost every decade. I like big, oversized sunglasses for summer pool parties and smaller, subtler shades for window shopping. Here are a few of my favorite sunglasses.

Photo from J.Crew

I do not think you can ever go wrong with a strong cat eye, either in sunglasses or makeup. I usually gravitate towards the white, nude, or pinky toned glasses, because they go with everything! 

I personally prefer matte finishes and simple colors, however, there are a variety of sunglasses out there with sparkles and rhinestones. 

White is always fresh and cool, and perfect for a summer day at the beach. Mauve is great for bringing a bit more warmth into your skin, while you pursue the perfect tan.

If you want a look reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, pair your sunglasses with a buttoned-up dress, kitten heels, a scarf around your neck, and bright red lipstick; it’s a classy look for almost every occasion. 

For a more modern yet effortlessly-cool style, I would wear a pair of high-waisted shorts with a patterned crop top, gingham, or some kind of picnic print. Either way, these kinds of sunglasses are always timeless.

Photo from Anthropologie

Aviators are also amazing. I have a pair for outfits that need a touch more of an edge. Aviators are a bold statement and make you look tough-as-nails. I prefer mirrored lenses, but a simple dark tint works as well. 

I’ve always thought aviators look especially fierce with beach-waved hair. I wear my aviators with a leather jacket or a palette of darker colors, especially when cruising around for errands. 

Aviators boost your confidence without having to put in a lot of work. Keep a pair on hand in case you catch a ride on a motorcycle!