Secret Cupid

Image via LA Times

Since middle school, my group of 5 friends and I have played Secret Cupid every Valentine’s Day. Secret Cupid is essentially Secret Santa for Valentine’s Day. We are randomly assigned one person in our group and we exchange presents on Valentine’s Day. It is always so much fun and I recommend everyone play Secret Cupid with their friends. After exchanging presents, we get dressed up in fancy dresses and go to a fast-food restaurant for dinner. Last year, we went to Taco Bell in our prom dresses and we all had a blast.

Along with a small $15 dollar present that we give the person we are assigned, we also write a note with our favorite qualities of each person in our group. A lot of times, I realized that I don’t always show my friends appreciation. I love them, but I don’t tell them that often. With Secret Cupid, I am able to express my feelings and tell them how much they mean to me. Every year, Secret Cupid brings us closer and allows us to bond.

With quarantine this year, it is a little difficult to play Secret Cupid. However, my friends and I agreed that instead of meeting up to exchange gifts this year, we would drop the gifts off at each other’s houses to maintain social distancing. As for the notes, we are planning to video call on February 14th and read the notes to each other. Even though Covid has forced us to change Valentine’s Day this year, I am still so excited for that day to come so I can tell my friends how much I appreciate them.