Screen Time – Weekly Report (Card) Available

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It’s back to school, so put down your phone and pick up a book, particularly your textbook; class is in session!

Below are technology-based films required by my class that left an impression on me, along with thought-provoking quotes from the films—I’d like to add that these are definitely a MUST-see:

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The Social Dilemma

A documentary addressing the pressing issue of the manipulative relationship between social media and its user

What is the problem?

“The technology that connects us also controls us.” – The Social Dilemma

How is the relationship defined?

“Let’s figure out how to get as much of this person’s attention as we possibly can. How much time can we get you to spend? How much of your life can we get you to give to us?” – Tim Kendall, former President of Pinterest

The harmful effects of social media?

“Social media starts to dig deeper and deeper down into the brain stem and take over kids’ sense of self-worth and identity.” – Tristan Harris, co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology

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Fake Famous

A documentary following a social experiment in an attempt to attract fame. From having a small following to achieving the status of a famous influencer by purchasing fake followers and bots, can three aspiring influencers fake it till they make it?

What is it like to be famous?

“Being famous is a little like being a toddler in that everything you do is praise.” – Justine Bateman, Fame: The Hijacking of Reality author

What are influencers?

“Influencers are a distribution platform. They’re a media company in and of themselves.” – Liz Eswin, co-founder of @newyorkornowhere

Who do we follow?

“This is my life, and if you wanna be more like me, you should follow me.” – Sarah Frier, technology reporter for Bloomberg