Screen Time Solution



Image Source: Your Teen  

With more time being spent at home and our lives moving into a virtual setting, it comes as no surprise when our devices tell us that our screen time has increased. However, what has been catching me off guard is how much more time is spent on our phones and laptops. The time that used to be spent actively engaging in the world around us through school, work, errands or exercise is now dependent on our electronics to continue to do all of these things. I personally have seen a consecutive 30% increase in screen time each week for the past few weeks, and I know I’m not alone. After hearing my friends express their concern for how much time they are spending on a screen, I realized this was something that needed to be actively acknowledged, or else my days would continue to be consumed by my phone rather than the life around me. 

If you have found yourself spending an unwanted amount of time on your phone or any form of electronic, don’t feel discouraged. Instead, ask yourself what you could do to avoid wasting any more time in this way. Personally, I have made the decision to dedicate a period of time each day to placing my electronics in another room and spending that time alone to reset. By removing yourself from the physical presence of the phone, a sense of freedom and peace is provided in return because the urge and habit of checking it every few minutes is no longer an option. This doesn’t have to be a long portion of your day, and by setting even 15 to 30 minutes aside for this cognitive detox, your brain will feel much more present with the world around you. 

With an increase in screen time comes an increase in information stimulus, ultimately taking away the time for your mind to reconnect with your body. Before you spend any more time contributing to that percentage, do yourself a favor and give yourself some time to disconnect!