School Spirit or Not?

Image Source: Rebecca Giansante

I begin this article about school spirit with an odd question: what if you’re not really feeling school spirit? What if you like your school well enough, but you’re not into the sports games, track meets, or even really boasting about your school?  What if you don’t want to spend the money on a shirt or sweater with your school’s name on it?

I’m here to say, it’s totally fine. You can still love your school without being “spirited” about it. There are even other tiny ways that aren’t generally considered school spirit but that are, in fact, just that.

Helping classmates is school spirit. You’re helping members of your school succeed, promoting a sense of community to help your school overall be a good one with successful students.

Simply going to join-a-club days is school spirit. It shows you have an interest in your school’s social groups and want to get active in being part of the student body, even in a social manner.

Simply going to school is school spirit. You chose that school (or it was one of your top picks), so simply being there as a student shows a certain pride in belonging to that school and being a part of the academic journey there.