School Spirit is Where the Magic Happens

Image source: Jasmine Liu

In high school, the definition of school spirit would’ve meant pep rallies, football games, and cheer chants for the school. For some, that stays the same in college, but for my particular college experience, it means something totally different.

Going to a university with D3 sports teams, the spirit is sprinkled in other ways. Chapman University prides itself on film, business, and giving that one of a kind experience to students. People direct and write films, design smartphone apps, and create all kinds of things. The idea of school spirit has shifted to collaboration and creation in my book. When I think of school spirit, it means being involved with the student body as a whole whether you are involved in clubs, Greek life, or getting a group of people to start a movement. 

School spirit is different at every school but whatever it’s based on, it should be there as that is where the magic happens.  Think about the Duffer Brothers. They embody a lot of pride for the Dodge College at Chapman and that has become part of the school spirit Chapman has. So whatever the school is outstanding for is the spirit and that is something schools should be proud of. When there’s a connection between two or 20,000 people, that’s when fireworks boom and outstanding creations happen.