School Organization Tips

Image via Clipart Library

With school starting in person again for most people, here are a few tips to stay organized and manage your time during the school year.

The biggest tip I have is to have a planner and an Excel sheet with all of your most important assignments. As soon as I get my syllabus for each class, I record the class title, assignment name, and due date on an Excel sheet. Once I write down all the major assignments and tests on the sheet, I color code the assignments and tests based on class. I then sort the rows to make them in chronological order. This way, I can clearly see what major tasks I have to complete for each class and when they are due. This allows me to plan ahead easier and not cram the night before. Additionally, for smaller assignments and homework, I use a planner. A planner ensures that I don’t forget anything and that I always stay on schedule.

Another tip I have is to always ask questions and go to office hours. Asking questions shows the professor that you are engaged in the material and want to learn more. Additionally, going to office hours allows you to get more one-on-one time with the professor to clarify any material you don’t understand. It is important to form a connection with your professor and for them to know that you truly care to understand the material that you are learning.

Lastly, it is important to try to always finish your homework the day it is assigned. In high school, since I had a block schedule, I got used to finishing my homework the night before it was due instead of the day it was assigned. I soon realized that this was inefficient and led to more stress and cramming. However, working on assignments the day they are assigned allows you to have enough time to finish them without stressing out about deadlines.

I am so excited for the new school year to start and I hope that with these tips, it will be easier to manage my time and organize my schoolwork.