Scents for the Seasons

If there is any beauty product that makes me feel like a movie star, it’s perfume. It’s a glamorous accessory like a purse or lipstick. 

As much as I love gazing at the pretty bottles in the aisles of department stores, my wallet doesn’t allow me to indulge my addiction very often. 

Here are my favorite scents and products I have consistently returned to and the seasons that I love to wear them.

Photo from Haiku

Springtime means florals, a definite cliché as affirmed in The Devil Wears Prada. My favorite floral scent to wear is jasmine. It is spicy and light enough for the sunshine. 

My favorite jasmine perfume is from Haiku, an affordable brand you can find on Amazon. The bottle itself is a work of art, and they offer a wide range of jasmine perfumes and lotions for a subtle, glowing touch.

Photo from Coty

I love wearing musky, heavier scents in the summertime that, when mixed with humidity, give off a sexy, full-bodied smell. 

My personal favorite I’ve been wearing the last few months is Vanilla Musk by Coty. Coty is a beauty company that has been around for ages and also produces the now-famous air spun face powder. 

Both of these products were ones my grandmother used for many years in the 1950s and ’60s and I’ve happily followed in her footsteps. I also recommend the Coty Vanilla Fields perfume for a breezy, lighter scent.

Photo from TokyoMilk

During autumn is when I like to mix and match scents and splurge on familiar favorites I can’t afford year-round. 

ToyokoMilk is one of my favorite higher-end brands that makes perfume, lotion, candles, and other products; at around $38 a bottle for perfume, it’s not a huge splurge for a quality spritz. 

Their perfumes combine ingredients in creative and unique ways. Also, their packaging and branding are to die for. I adore the perfume Dead Sexy, which combines white orchid, deep vanilla, and wood notes.

Photo from Crabtree & Evelyn

Finally, winter is a time for cozy scents inspired by family and familiar favorites. 

My mom bought me the creamy Nantucket Briar perfume from Crabtree & Evelyn as my first real perfume and I’ve been obsessed ever since. It combines notes of briar rose, bergamot, and amber. 

Although it is another slight splurge, a bottle lasts forever and is well worth the $49; a little behind the ears and on the wrists goes a long way. 

This is an extremely popular scent that sells out every time it is restocked, so try some smaller fragrance stock websites to snag yours.