Lyrical Analysis: Saturday Nights Remix by Khalid Ft. Kane Brown


Image Source: B104

By highlighting themes of untapped potential and control through silence, the remix of “Saturday Nights” by Khalid featuring Kane Brown accurately portrays the reckless energy and hopeless emptiness of youth. I find the lyrics of this song wonderfully raw with interesting insight into the sanctity of dreams.

Khalid begins this lyrical masterpiece by juxtaposing the pain of a sore throat from smoking with the catharsis of discussing personal problems. As his companion eases into a smoky conversation, she opens up about difficult situations, revealing dreams that she usually hides in a desperate grasp for control over the idea of her future. However, in this moment, her lowered guard allows her the comfort of talking about her dreams. It is only during these Saturday nights when she can find escape from the masks and cruelty of her everyday life.

Kane Brown enters the song with an image of superficiality, building on the theme of hiding one’s true self in the public eye. As the muse of the song navigates her way through life, she encounters insecurities that prevent her from pursuing her dreams. She holds her dreams so close to her heart that she ultimately loses her perspective on them and puts them on hold. However, Brown ends his verse with a reassuring promise of a better ending to her bitter story.