Review: Roomies

image source: Simon and Schuster

In a romantic comedy for the ages, author Christina Lauren pens an adorable tale about the trials of life and the beauty of music in her new novel, Roomies.

The novel follows twenty-year-old Holland Bakker and her relationship with subway busker Calvin McLoughlin. After Calvin saves her from an attacker, Holland lands him an audition for her uncle’s next big Broadway hit. But when Calvin lands the role of the lifetime, he is forced to reveal that he is actually in the country illegally, and in a desperate endeavor to save her beloved uncle’s show, Hannah impulsively marries Calvin. The green-card marriage is platonic at first, but as the novel progresses, their relationship blooms, and Holland and Calvin begin to understand true love.

While the second-hand embarrassment is too much to bear at times, and the poetic nature of Holland’s thoughts is a bit too deep for a struggling twenty-year-old, the novel’s premise alone is intriguing enough to make it a must-read. Full of crazy hijinks, hilarious dialogue, and squeal-worthy romance, Lauren’s Roomies is a fun and fast contemporary read.