Ripples Into Waves: Making Activism a Lifelong Commitment

Image Source: Chantell Marlow (@chantellmarlow)

Following the tragic murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, public support for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement from the non-Black community skyrocketed. For many, this movement has inspired new engagement in activism, whether by sharing resources and petitions on social media, attending protests, or donating. However, in order for the BLM movement to maintain the support and attention it is finally getting (and required all along), newer activists must learn to transition their personal activism into a long-term movement. Here are some tips on how to make your activism a lifelong commitment:


  1. Continue to share content posted by Black creators even after you have returned to posting personal content as well. If you come across posts that contain educational information or helpful resources, share them to help spread awareness and ensure that Black voices are at the center of the movement. 
  2. Never stop educating yourself. Thanks to the Internet, it is now easier than ever to find books, documentaries, podcasts, and so much more about systemic racism and anti-Blackness in America. Make the effort to seek these resources out, and know that this must be a lifelong responsibility.
  3. Think about where your money is going. Choose to support Black-owned businesses in place of large corporations if you are able to. Many items you shop for online (books, clothes, jewelry, beauty products, etc.) can be ordered from Black-owned companies in place of Amazon.
  4. Use these tips for long-term activism for all the movements you support. BLM intersects with many other humanitarian campaigns as well, such as the Pride and feminist movements. Commit yourself to the causes you support, and learn about the ways they influence and shape each other!

Informational source: Lily Someson

Instagram: @lily.someson