Rico Nasty: A Girl Uniquely Herself

Image Source: @riconasty on Instagram

I discovered Rico Nasty during my freshman year of college. She popped up in my Spotify recommendations and I was immediately hooked. I would walk from class to class with my earphones in and her screaming in my ears. There’s something motivating and energizing about listening to someone yell their lyrics—especially when you’re on the way to a 7 a.m. class.

Rico Nasty specializes in hip hop and trap music with a hint of punk influence. She grew into fame with some of her songs gaining traction on TikTok, which helped her land a spot as a 2019 XXL freshman. 

What I love most about Rico Nasty is that even with her rise into popularity, she has stayed true to herself. Often I think celebrity status changes people, especially with the change in wealth. Some celebrities begin to flex their money and buy a bunch of unnecessary things. Rico continues to enhance her punk style and has kept her fun and playful side. She’s relatable and despite her goth style, she seems easily approachable (post-COVID of course). 

In the past, she’s been criticized for her out-there style and perception of coming off as rude. But Rico was quick to shut down those comments by bringing in the question of race as many Black women are stereotyped and labeled as rude even when they’re not. She’s constantly spoken up about Black issues and calling out people for their racist tendencies and perceptions. 

Rico Nasty gives me a new sense of confidence, whether I’m jamming out to her music with my friends or by myself getting ready for the day. She’s the perfect way to finish my morning routine and become the bad b*tch that I am.