Review: Woman Like Me

Image Source: Columbia Records

“Woman Like Me” (ft. Nicki Minaj) is the latest pop banger Little Mix has released. An ode that celebrates all woman, the song mention several traits that are stereotypically assigned to women and subsequently rejects it. The singers of Little Mix proudly proclaim that they won’t cook, they’ll have sex, and they’ll show off their wealth. Despite all this, they ask, “Could you fall for a woman like me?” By dismissing traditional gender roles, Little Mix insists that all women, regardless of their character, deserve to be accepted, respected, and loved.

The song begins with Jesy Nelson’s sultry vocals. More instruments are introduced as the chorus approaches.The next segment utilizes a steady drum beat and Perrie Edward’s higher pitch to emphasizing their badass attitude. The electric guitar is the last instrument introduced before the chorus that begins with the lyrics “La-la-la, woman like me”. Although an extremely girly chorus, it brings power to the fact that a woman can reject these gender norms yet still be feminine. Nicki Minaj proceeds to preach this message through the confidence projected through her rap, which helps hype up an otherwise ordinary song.

“Woman Like Me” is not a particularly unique song but it is perfectly fine to simply listen to. It preaches a wonderful woman positive message, which makes it perfect to add to your girl power playlist.