Review: Wiggle It

Image Source: Power 106 FM

“Wiggle It” is French Montana’s latest hit, featuring City Girls. It mostly talks about how women will twerk if they get spoiled by their men. It can also be interpreted as men spending money for a strip show. The song itself got popularized from TikTok, which seems to be a growing platform for songs to gain popularity. 

Montana may have thought that sampling the hook from “Push the Feeling”, which is widely known from the sample in Pitbull’s “Hotel Room Service”, would save the song. It is partially true. That, in addition to City Girls’ pre-chorus and chorus, saved the song. There isn’t really any meaning to this song but it is easy to dance to. The drums reflect the tempo of the song, which theoretically would pace how fast someone would twerk to the song. 

I do not think this song is particularly unique or interesting but I understand the appeal. This definitely isn’t Montana’s best work but his cool vocals can honestly popularize anything. As we wait for Montana’s upcoming inevitable bangers, this song will do. I wouldn’t urge you to listen to “Wiggle It” but it isn’t a bad song for your party playlist.