Review: The Raven Boys

Image Source: Scholastic

Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Boys is the first of four books in her bestselling series The Raven Cycle. Filled with psychics, mystery, and a quest to find a Welsh king, The Raven Boys provides a strong start to a magical series.

The novel begins with Blue, a reluctant psychic who is destined to cause her true love to die, and her life only becomes the more challenging when, one night, she sees the spirit of a boy named Gansey on St. Mark’s Eve. This sighting can only mean one of two things: either she’s his true love, or she has killed him. Blue’s life then spirals even further when she sees the same boy in real life and decides to join him and his entourage in search of the Welsh king Glendower.

Stiefvater is a master of craft, weaving elements of romanticism and 21st century characters into a story that’ll haunt readers for weeks. The Raven Boys is a book that will not let you turn away and the series is one that’ll make you return again and again.