Review: The Goddess Test

Image Source: Bloomsbury

A fresh take on incorporating Greek mythology into a modern setting, The Goddess Test by Aimée Carter follows protagonist Kate Winters as she attempts to achieve the impossible.

With her mother dying of cancer, Kate is forced to move to Eden, her mother’s childhood hometown. After an unexpected accident, a mysterious figure named Henry offers her a trade: become his immortal wife, and he will save the life of someone she loves. However, becoming a goddess isn’t easy, especially with an unknown enemy who has killed every girl who has attempted to pass the goddess tests before her, though for Kate failure isn’t an option.

Though a bit rushed in pace and not the most accurate in its portrayal of Greek mythology, this novel fits the bill for a light summer romance. And while it’s  not my top recommendation, this story manages to engage the reader through a host of heartfelt characters and an unforeseen twist, leaving enough intrigue to urge readers to continue to follow Kate’s journey in the sequel. Best for those with an interest in Greek mythology and a stomach for angsty romance, this novel is a light, sappy read for the soft at heart.