Review: Saint-Tropez

Image Source: Genius

Post Malone’s highly anticipated album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, has finally dropped. “Saint-Tropez” is a standout song within this mellow, melodic album, and it has a funky rhythm combined with a modern pop-rap flow. Saint-Tropez is a city in France known for its rich lifestyle, and Malone emphasizes the lavishness of his own lifestyle by comparing it to the city’s. He is literally dropping brand names throughout the song such as Abercrombie, Mille, Versace, and Budlight. This is a sharp contrast to his typical songs where he looks down upon this behavior. However, Malone said about the song, “I don’t want to be…miserable all the time, so sometimes, I like to just go buck-wild with the boys. And that’s what that’s kind of about. It’s a celebration of life instead of an introspective kind of [song].” He just wants “Saint-Tropez” to be a happier, celebratory track rather than a very deep, meaningful song. 

The tempo is very upbeat and hype which is an interesting contrast to his mellow voice. It seems as though he may be upset about all the luxurious things he owns even though he deserves it. It contributes to the overall theme of his album that material goods don’t necessarily lead to happiness. “Saint-Tropez” is a two-sided, where one can interpret it as a celebratory song or one about inner conflict. This song is definitely worth at least a listen or two. I would highly recommend it.