Review: Ransom

Image Source: YouTube

A song driven by its TikTok fame has gone viral on the charts. Lil Tecca’s “Ransom” has everyone singing “I got black, I got white, whatchu want.” Its origin story is as organic as any teen’s: it was originally a diss track created for Tecca’s friend on Xbox. The song speaks to how Tecca does not care about other people’s opinions nor does he appreciate other people latching onto him after his success. He even publicly acknowledges that his line, “I got two twin glocks,” is false and he indeed has no straps. It makes Tecca even more likable as an everyday kid. 

The beat flow, beat drop, and production has been vital in making this song a success. It’s not another song with a 4/4 time signature. Its unique flow makes “Ransom” easy to sing along to. A TikTok trend to dance to “Ransom” has also been key in increasing its popularity. Many have hopped on the bandwagon to create funny videos following the song’s lyrics. If you do not listen to the song, at least view a TikTok for a laugh. Whether you think it is funny or cringey is completely up to you.