Review: Power is Power

Image Source: Complex

“Power is Power” features The Weeknd, SZA and Travis Scott on a track for the TV show, Game of Thrones. While the artists have collaborated before, this is the first time they all are collaborating together in one song. This track is centered around the show, as is expected from a song produced for a TV show. The Weeknd takes on the role of Jon Snow, with SZA taking on Cersei and Scott taking on the perspective of the Night King. The Weeknd sings of all the struggles Jon has faced: growing up with the wolves, being stabbed by his brothers and being resurrected. Cersei’s wisdom is also sprinkled throughout the song. In fact, her response when asked about one of her relationships, “power is power”, is a central phrase. The fact that it is repeated throughout the song goes to show the extent of Cersei’s wisdom; she is so wise that the famous Shakespearean phrase, “Heavy is the crown”, is altered in the song to “Heavy is the crown, but never for a queen”. So far, Cersei has been successful as the queen, whereas many others have tried and failed. The Night King, meanwhile, deliberates his next move.

From a musical perspective, there is the prevalent use of synths and drums, which help to speed up the tempo of the song when necessary. Besides the Weeknd and SZA harmonizing on the “power is power” phrase, the artists sing their verses separately. Although these factors make the song’s production feel extra film-y, I don’t feel like it adds much depth to the track. I also feel that without SZA’s wide singing range, the song would be a bit more bland than it already is. The TV show song is just that: a track for a show. Outside of the show, it’s not really a song whose meaning is applicable to life, and it just sounds like every other extremely produced soundtrack song. If you are looking for a practical listen, “Power is Power” may not be the best choice.