Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Image Source: Capcom

Taking the courtroom drama genre and flipping it over its head, Capcom’s Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a visual novel that’s unlike any other. Through its flare of comedy and colorful cast of characters, Phoenix Wright is a rollercoaster players won’t want to get off of.

Gamers play as rookie defense attorney, Phoenix Wright, and help him save his client from a guilty verdict in trial. Players must search for evidence at crime scenes and have cross-examinations in the courtroom in order to prove, without a shadow of a doubt, their client is innocent. This is easier said than done however, when prosecutors and unreliable witnesses try to meddle with Wright’s case.

Like other visual novels, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney has a lot of reading to go through before the actual gameplay. Despite this, the game makes the reading worthwhile by including comedic interactions between clickable items and side characters.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney has a interesting concept with appealing visuals that liven up the characters’ personalities. For players looking to try something different and creative, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney should be on the top of their lists.