Review of “Speak Up!”

Image source: Nance Rossen
When you are in the mood to read a good book, I highly recommend reading, Speak Up! & Succeed by Nance Rosen.
She creates a guideline for her readers that provides a well written “how-to” for mastering presentations, interviews, and even conversations. Her writing is simple yet brilliantly detailed for all to understand and practice. She tells you that with negotiations, you need to have a vision on what you what to achieve. With this vision comes success.
I had the chance to meet Nance and she is a ray of light! She prepares many individuals for their professional careers by giving them tips and tricks on bettering their communication styles.
This book brought a new mindset to my life. During difficult conversations, yet important ones, I feel more confident in how I deliver my overall message. It took me about five days to read from the cover page to the back and I enjoyed every minute of it.
She provides examples of realistic conversations that lead one into success. By clearly stating what you want from that conversation, it prevents miscommunication. I don’t want to spoil it for you guys, but I can honestly say that this book has benefited my life. Communication is constant: whether it is verbal or non verbal, it is always in transaction. Nance Rosen explains this and shows her readers that communication is one of the most important aspects towards obtaining success.
Overall, Speak Up! & Succeed is a book that you will help you through school, professional careers, and even in your personal life. It is written to help people, regardless if one thinks improvements with communication skills are not needed. Its job is to create success. Now, get reading!