Review: “Nervous” by The Neighborhood

image source: The Neighborhood (YouTube)

“Nervous” is a new single by The Neighborhood. Exemplifying human struggle—trying to achieve our goals, failing, and starting again—the song utilizes washed-out guitar and a simple beat. For the band, the song is a recollection of their struggles in their career; they felt as though they were not as successful as they hoped and overly-cautious of their actions and decisions. The song refers to the mentality of people who are pressured by society; they are nervous and do not want to voice their opinion due to fear.

For many, this song’s appeal is found in the reassurance it provides. It makes listeners feel that they are not alone in their struggles. A sense of peace and tranquility is easily achieved with its use of simple, mellow beats; and I, for one, really appreciated this approach and enjoyed ‘Nervous’ thoroughly because of it.