Review: Maniac Mansion

Image Source: Jaleco

For people looking for a game with problem solving and a Pepsi-craving tentacle monster, look no further than Jaleco’s Maniac Mansion. Maniac Mansion is an adventure game initially released in 1987 for several game systems. Despite its age, Maniac Mansion has timeless humor and replayability that can be enjoyed by new and returning players.

In the game, teenage protagonist, Dave Miller, and six of his friends are on a mission to rescue Dave’s girlfriend, Sandy Pantz, from having her brains sucked out by the mad scientist, Dr. Fred. Players must help Dave and two out of six friends explore the mansion to find Sandy while avoiding getting caught by Dr. Fred’s family or evil tentacle monsters.

As characters wander through the mansion, players can point and click to collect or interact with items found in different rooms of the building. Each item has the potential to open doors, solve a situation, or even make unlikely allies; however an item’s worth can vary depending on the friends players have with them. Depending on which characters players pick, the game can be completed in different ways with various endings. Players can even enjoy a character’s own specialized soundtrack when switching perspectives.

Maniac Mansion challenges players by forcing them to think outside of the box in order to progress. There will be times when a player makes a mistake or is lost on what to do next, but the game never punishes them for having these moments; Maniac Mansion features cutscenes with background information and clues. If players are ever stumped with a problem, there will always be a stray item or cutscene to help them through it.

With these points in mind, Maniac Mansion is a highly recommended game for gamers looking for a bizarre adventure.

Maniac Mansion features many different cutscenes and clues to help players through the game.