Review: Lucky Strike

Image Source: Capitol Records

Having finally released his highly anticipated sophomore album Bloom, Troye Sivan has once again captured the hearts of his fans–especially with the album’s ninth-track “Lucky Strike.”  

The song poetically tells a love story between two boys. As suggested by the title, which is a reference to an infamous cigarette brand, Troye is addicted to his lover. He continuously echos, “tell me all the ways to love you,” demonstrating the great sincerity within the relationship.

From the very first note, the synthesizer creates a romantic yet modern tone heard throughout the song. The song’s beat slowly builds up as the song progresses. The smooth and long notes in the verses leads to a steady clap, which then contrasts with the shorter drum beats in the chorus; this natural progression is a symbol of the relationship’s progression.

For a sweet, sappy love song, anyone can give a listen and relate to “Lucky Strike.”