Review: Let’s Talk About Love

Image Source: Macmillan Publisher

Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann is an adorable novel, full of all the “feels,” and follows a biromantic asexual named Alice who is done with dating after a bad breakup. At least, that is until she meets Takumi at the library, who makes her question whether she should really call it quits with her romantic life, or take the risk with the guy who makes her feel all the feels she’s never felt before.

Claire Kann’s debut is set up like most novels, with Alice occasionally making asides in her narration. The addition of those asides not only add to the cuteness and lightness of the novel but also humorous and possibly fluffy. Despite the novel being light, Kann deals with harshly real issues. Throughout the novel, she is constantly pressured by her parents to go to law school like everyone else in her family, but she battles between following her family’s footsteps and keeping herself happy.

As a character, Alice is one that all audiences can appreciate; she has so many thoughts going through her mind. She is a currently a college student, and acts as such; she loves going on social media and fangirling with others on sites like Tumblr and Pinterest, and she’s just trying to figure out how to adult outside of parental supervision. High school and college students alike will find Alice relatable to them in one way or another as they read Kann’s novel.

From relationships to career paths, Let’s Talk About Love deals with all of the issues college students typically face while still keeping the tone heartwarming and light.