Review: Homicide

Image Source: SoundCloud

Two of rap’s most prominent figures collaborate on “Homicide” by Logic featuring Eminem. Eminem, who’s been an inspiration to Logic, has been a rapper in the industry for years. So, when the two decided to collaborate together on this song, it was sure to be good.

The two rap at a very fast pace to showcase their skills. In an age where mumble-rap has taken over the industry, Logic and Eminem try to bring this rap down to its roots by spitting bars. The song itself is called “Homicide”, not because they are speaking about murder, but because they are essentially murdering their opponents in the rap industry, as illustrated by their fast pace. They use several lyrics to demonstrate this: “kill,” “attack” and “triggers,” as well as the reference in the chorus to semi-automatic weapons. Logic and Eminem, in plain terms, made a song hyping themselves up.

Do they deserve to do so? I don’t know. Some may argue that Logic is just a politically aware artist who utilizes current events to his advantage and doesn’t have actual talent. Maybe it’s true that his lyricism is lacking; he is singing mostly about how he is the best. However, nobody can say that his flow isn’t remarkable. To be able to rap at such a speed with accuracy truly does take talent. On the other hand, Eminem definitely deserves to be hyping himself up; he has won over 155 awards. In terms of the song, the beats per minute in “Homicide” is insanely high. If you like listening to fast music, I would definitely recommend giving “Homicide” a listen.