Review: Con Calma

Image Source: Rolling Stone

“Con Calma (Remix)” by Daddy Yankee, featuring Katy Perry and Snow, is easily going to be one of summer’s Spanish hits. Despite it being released in February, it has only started to catch wind recently. Originally, Daddy Yankee created “Con Calma” as a rendition of Snow’s 1992 song “Informer”. With Perry on the track, it has blown up on the international charts as well. Perry and Yankee converse on the track as if they were strangers at a club. Perry acknowledges the language barrier and the duo decides to listen to each other through the music and dance.

The lyrics provide a lighthearted vibe. It’s just about meeting someone and vibing with them for the night, which is relatable to many. The song opens with fire sirens and a repetition of ’hey-hey” in the background; it made me listen attentively because to me, such fiery production from the start indicates it will be a fast-tempoed bop. The addition of drums, keyboard, synth and handclaps did not fail me. The production was the perfect mix of Latin and American influences. I was also really hooked onto the diction of the chorus, which Daddy Yankee sang. It was very smooth and upbeat without being choppy at all. Yankee’s vocal talent really shined through the song because of it.

Even though ‘Con Calma” is translated to “calmly”, the song is such a dance hit. I highly recommend it to everyone!