Review: Community

Image Source: NBC

A suspended lawyer, an adderall-addicted dropout, an old racist, a fervent activist, a high school jock, and a movie enthusiast, and a religious mother all come together in a study group — and hilarity ensues in the sitcom Community.

The show follows this band of misfits as they struggle to study and get through their days at the wackiest community college. Somehow, they find common ground and their study group evolves into a close friendship. Community has scores of ridiculous, extreme characters, all which come together for perfect situational comedy.

The plot is strong and the jokes are silly and lighthearted, sometimes witty, and always perfectly timed. The plot developments in the first few seasons keep the show interesting and fun to watch, and every episode is filled with creative writing. Around season four, however, the energy of the story dwindles. It seems a little drawn out, and doesn’t continue with interesting plot developments. As characters begin to leave the show, Community feels a little more empty and loses the allure it once had.

If you want some laughs and light comedy, Community’s situational irony and idiosyncratic characters are perfect–just don’t watch the whole thing.