Review: Before She Ignites

Image Source: Harper Collins

Raised to serve as the face and namesake of the Mira Treaty, a peace treaty written to unite the seven Fallen Isles, Mira Minkoba, protagonist of Jodi Meadows’ fantasy novel Before She Ignites, has always been told that she must look, speak, and act perfectly. Yet Mira is far from perfection in the eyes of her mother, as she faces a constant anxiety that causes her to count compulsively. Additionally, Mira has an obsession with dragons that also earns her mother’s disapproval.

However, when the dragons she loves so dearly suddenly disappear, Mira uncovers a secret that threatens the careful peace the Mira Treaty–and Mira herself–are meant to protect.

Packed with mystery, strong character development, and an intriguing plot, Before She Ignites features an acknowledgedly flawed, yet strong female character of color as she discovers the power of her own self-worth. Highlighting characters who face both mental and physical challenges, the book portrays heartwarming friendships and emphasizes the main character’s development from a helpless, self-pitying damsel in distress, to a strong and powerful female protagonist.

Though not a perfect story, Mira’s journey demonstrates that perfection isn’t everything, and leaves readers eager to learn what will happen next.