Review: Artemis Fowl

Image Source: HarperCollins Publisher

A timeless concept remastered, Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer follows its genius namesake, Artemis Fowl II, and his bodyguard on their quest to exploit the wealth of the underground fairy kingdom. However, they do not expect the resistance they encounter.

Although this work is written with simple words and decorated with symbols that make reading this novel–although lengthy–enjoyable. The plot is entertaining for readers of all ages and has enough twists and turns to captivate everyone. This novel is also an easy read because of the vivid imagery and descriptions of each individual character, which allows readers to clearly see the action as it unfolds.

With the announcement of the 2019 Disney adaptation of the novel Artemis Fowl, its popularity as a riveting novel for all ages has resurfaced from its original 2001 publication–and it truly deserves the hype. As well as being a terrific stand-alone story that neatly ties its ends, readers that enjoy Artemis Fowl can continue to follow him and his cohorts on their quest to ultimately find his father through the following seven novels, each as enthralling and well-written as the last.