Review: A Study in Charlotte

Image Source: HarperCollins Publishers

A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro is the first in a series bringing to life the descendants of some of the most iconic characters in history: Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Set in modern-day Connecticut, Jamie Watson crosses paths with Charlotte Holmes at a boarding school when a fellow schoolmate is found to be murdered and connected with the duo.

I was a little disappointed with the portrayal of both protagonists. Charlotte is the epitome of Sherlock Holmes from her intelligence to her drug addiction and it felt as though Cavallaro didn’t do much to make her shine alone aside from sparking memories from the BBC show version. Jamie is a little different from the typical John Watson, being more temperamental, but much of his narrative focuses on his attraction to Charlotte in addition to the investigation. Despite all that, I still enjoyed the process of searching for the murderer, the various quirks of the characters and the interactions between the two.

A Study in Charlotte is an entertaining read perfect for those who don’t mind a genderbending character adaptation of the TV show.