Review: A Star is Born (2018)

Image Source: Live Nation Productions

Truly living up to its name, with relatable and transcending themes that surpass your mundane love story, A Star Is Born, diverges from the typical drama. Spoilers for the 2018 film ahead.

After one of his shows, famed artist Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) stumbles upon a bar that not-so-famed Ally (Lady Gaga) happens to be performing at. They two meet backstage and the connection is almost instantaneous. After a night out together, Ally eventually finds herself performing at one of his shows the next day, and as the relationship amongst Jackson and Ally blossom so does Ally’s career as a singer.

A majority of the story draws parallels to the real astronomical process where the death of the stars gives way for another to be born. With the rise of Ally, we slowly see a decline in Jackson. In that message, the struggles included among substance abuse, mental health, loss, love, and self awareness are depicted. Through these portrayals the story becomes more and more of a scripted reality, where every spoken line allows for the audience to connect.

One of the films greatest strengths has to be its honesty. With its songs and characterization the movie unveils truths about everyday life that we conceal in disbelief. A Star Is Born, is more than your Friday night movie visit, it’s an experience and a true depiction of how art imitates life.