Return to Pixie Hollow

Image Source: We The Pixies on Linktree

Hey, early 2000s kids! Do you remember the best game on the internet? That’s a silly question. Of course you do! It was the companion to Webkinz, Club Penguin, Poptropica, and Barbie. 

That’s right–I’m talking about the Pixie Hollow game! 

As a kid, I loved making my own fairy and imagining how I might fit into the world of Pixie Hollow. After I floated in on a sparkle, made my avatar look just like me, and gave her a whimsical name, I would flutter around to explore the tiny shops and complete my little to-do list. The casual nature of the game and low stakes made me feel like I got to live in the books and movies I loved so much! 

Unfortunately, back in 2013, the website was lost to time and the internet. Though I hadn’t played it in so long, it was sad to know that other kids (my age and even younger) wouldn’t have the opportunity to make their mark as a tinker, light, or even a garden fairy. 

Thankfully, some savvy fan decided to make it their mission to recreate this legendary platform and bring it back to the world. A few years ago, when it went public, I couldn’t even get on because the server was so overloaded with fans giddy to re-experience the fun! Now, the buzz has calmed down, and I was able to dip into the magic and nostalgia of the new site, We the Pixies

As a rewrite in progress, the game is not yet a complete recreation of the old Pixie Hollow, but the dedicated group involved is making incredible progress (If you want to check out more of their process and have your questions answered, meet them at their home page)! I do notice a few differences, but overall, I’m impressed with the design that’s true to 2008–the intricate Create-a-Fairy option and the range of games and shops already available to the public. I can’t wait to keep playing and immerse myself in the childlike wonder that is Tinker Bell’s world. 

I’ll see you there!