Relieving Stress Through Art and Creativity

Image Source: Idealog

We all have those moments where something goes wrong and life feels like it’s crumbling down on you. But something you should remember and tell yourself is that it’s okay to feel this way, because as annoying as it might be, it’s normal and more importantly, you’re not alone.

Regardless of how normal or common it might be, everyone’s goal is to not feel stress or it’s at least to find a healthy way to overcome that anxiety we might have. Because stress is such an intense emotion rooted in oneself, it’s important to find an activity that makes you feel better, something you can physically do to take your mind off of things. I always lean towards the arts. I find that when I’m drawing, painting, coloring, or even crafting, my mind is at peace and for at least a few minutes I can relax from whatever problems I was facing beforehand. Although some might be more artistic than others, I still think everyone should use creativity and art as a stress-relieving method. And remember that there are more ways to be artistic than just with a brush or crayon. You can write, compose music, bake, create something out of clay, and more. There is a reason why creativity and the imagination are endless and there are so many ways you can be creative and use those otherwise neglected skills.

Don’t let life’s hardships bring you down and remember to take a minute to breathe and think about the little things that make it all worthwhile.