Relax This Summer With Mt. Joy

Image Source: The Sylvee

Whether it’s relaxing on the porch or driving with the windows down, I love the feeling of summer. No matter what I am doing, I always like to have music that matches the carefree aspects of the season. My personal go-to is one of my favorite bands, Mt. Joy.

As Mt. Joy releases their newest album, Orange Blood in June of 2022, they continue to offer inspiration and comfort through their folk-rock music. This is something that only a couple of artists have been able to do for me. I was first introduced to Mt. Joy through their song, “Dirty Love” and from there on out could not stop listening. I often find myself listening to their discography on Spotify while driving, cleaning, or working on my computer. 

The band was initially formed between high school friends Matt Quinn (vocals, guitar), and Sam Cooper (guitar), who got their name from a mountain in Valley Forge National Park near Cooper’s childhood home. Once they added Sotiris Eliopoulos (drums), Jackie Miclau (keyboard), and Michael Byrnes (bass), the group debuted with their single “Astrovan” in 2016. In the years following, the band gained major traction and began performing at major festivals such as Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Newport Folk Festival, all of which added to their popularity. 

While Mt. Joy is a year-round favorite of mine, during the warm summer months their music hits a little harder. With lyrics that can move your soul, it was impossible for me not to immediately fall in love. If you have the chance I definitely recommend giving Mt. Joy a chance. They may surprise you.

What artist do you turn to for chill summer vibes?