Rekindle Your Love for Coffee Shops

I don’t know about you, but my house’s favorite pastime has been to find simple and easy ways to get out of the house. Whether it be tagging along on a grocery run, sitting outside to do homework, or going on a walk, it has all been helpful in clearing our heads and getting the wiggles out. By far, the most exciting and consistent way we have managed to keep ourselves busy is by trying out coffee shops. 

Most recently, we discovered Rekindle, a smaller establishment on the corner of N Tustin Street and E Walnut Avenue in Orange, CA. Their lines are never very long and the drink sizes are large, two things that are nothing short of appealing to a college student looking for a caffeine fix. With creative teas and coffees as well as a breakfast and lunch menu that is to die for (a simple Google search will reveal a horde of satisfied customers ogling over their bagels), it certainly isn’t your average place to grab a coffee. 

When I visited, I chose the Red Dragon Iced Tea, a fresh, fruity, and even summery option. With a color that matches its name, it is one of the unique and delicious options featured on its very own sign. As someone who usually opts for chai tea or lattes of any kind, it is very out of my comfort zone to pick something iced and flavorful. I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by the taste– along with the pick me up– and returned very soon after to get it again.

No matter what kind of tea or coffee you prefer, I assure you that Rekindle has options that will both satisfy your tastebuds’ favorites as well as push you to try something new. The only drawback is that if you opt for the bigger cup sizes, you will have to part with more money than the average coffee shop. Regardless, it is comparable to Starbucks in pricing and is a fun, local place to branch out from your original routine. From one cafe lover to another– go make yourself a regular. You won’t regret it!